6 Essential Reasons Why A Single Cloud Services Provider Is All You Need

Going ahead with a single cloud services provider offers numerous benefits for your business ranging from enhanced commitment to transparency. A majority of the enterprises prefer to have it since it helps them manage contacts with other channel partners too. However there are mainly six reasons why businesses prefer them.Reduce the burden of IT departmentIt is among the most important advantage for your enterprise. The IT department of your company can focus more on generating good business value rather than spending most of the time managing the hardware. More than hardware troubles, the complexity of dealing with multiple SLAs from multiple vendors that makes use of varied technologies and interfaces is yet another difficulty that can be avoided by partnering up with such service providers of cloud computing.Ease of responsibility among the employeesPartnering with multiple providers of cloud services can raise confusion especially during circumstances in which something goes wrong with your network and the lack of a disaster recovery plan being assigned to a particular provider. Integration and accountability can be maintained with the provider taking the complete responsibility through hosting and networking and thereby maintaining the service quality across the whole of the infrastructure.Solutions for problems can be easily identifiedPartnering with multiple service providers of cloud technology will not provide businesses with a comprehensive service wrap or an assurance regarding end-to-end responsibility. However with a single provider, businesses can have a single point of contact at all times whether it is about migrating, scaling of the infrastructure, application management or on-boarding. A provider will take the full accountability of all kind of cloud services. Businesses can also avoid situations wherein providers blame each other whenever an issue comes up especially if businesses are partnered with more than one provider for cloud service.InteroperabilityThe success of business services and resources depends up on how effective you are able to co-ordinate with your provider. The presence of multiple providers can hamper the level of integration and the presence of any standardization measures. A single provider of cloud service also allows seamless communication using popular communication services such as email, Voice and Instant Messaging applications. Moreover extra precautions should be taken by companies by focusing more on the security and compliance concerns while sharing the applications and sensitive data across varied services.Lower CostsGetting associated with a single provider in cloud computing also saves a lot of money for the enterprise. Businesses can negotiate for bundled services from a single provider at a cost-effective price. Staff costs associated with the IT department can be reduced and even the finance team has to spend less time when it comes to reconciling the budgets. Employees can improve their efficiency as they can easily integrate in to new services as the business grows without spending much time in management of the multiple patches as well as upgrades that occur across more than one portal.ReliableSingle cloud service providers are reliable starting from initial consulting to the solution design and from service management to network management.

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Graphic Design – Creation and Production of Digital Images

Graphic design refers to the many disciplines which focus on the visual aspect of communication and presentation. A variety of methods are used collectively or separately to create visual presentations that enables ideas or messages to be given. Typography, visual arts and page layout are some fields that allow a graphic designer to do his job. Graphic design is used to denote both the process and the final result.Advertising, magazines, product packaging and web designing are all fields which rely on graphic designers for their visual images. Logos, artwork, organized text and other variations such as colors and shapes are all areas that come under graphic designing.The basics of graphic design are not new to us and have been part of us since the days of cave paintings. This has become a more advanced and highly technical form of art since the advent of the computer aided graphic designing came into being. What is achieved by graphic design is the arranging of ideas, information and language into an orderly design that communicates a certain expression. It attempts to convey or transfer knowledge while being highly attractive visually and extremely readable.Creation and production of digital images has enabled graphic designers to be quick in producing the work needed on a daily basis. The computer is the easiest way to explore multiple disciplines that are used in the creative process. The fact that there are limitless choices to aid graphic design does not mean that the end product will be good. The best designs often originate from the designer himself who uses all the choices available to him intelligently in order to get his message across.The use of computers in the mid 1980s and the advent of desktop publishing along with software applications brought out a whole new generation of artists who primarily based their designs on digital images. The effects that were added to a project could be seen instantly and changed accordingly. However, traditional methods like pencil drawings and markers are still used for sketching and developing ideas before going on to the computer. This is part and parcel of the creative process that enables graphic designers to use digital images in creating the final product from the initial sketches done.Typography, page layout and interface designing are all done by digital imaging which gives immense freedom to the designer within the parameters set by software. Even with these limits there is enough scope for creativity in these fields for graphic designers and this is what will ultimately define them as artists in this field. Today, computers and digital imaging have become indispensable to graphic designers.

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On-the-Budget Macro Setup Will Help You Shoot Great Fine Art Photography

I have been a huge fan of extreme macro photography for quite some time now. While experimenting with a lot of different equipment, and many different theories, I learned a lot about macro photography, and what it takes to assemble a high quality system, while on a budget. There several components to a macro setup to discuss, and I will focus on the lens, and the equipment needed to attach it to the camera body, and turn it into a macro lens, whether it was intentionally built to be a macro or not.I have seen a lot of beautiful Fine Arts Prints of Macro subjects shot with fairly inexpensive setups. First of all, please understand that currently most cameras are automatic, in their focus, metering etc. Of course, this was not the case 20 or 30 years ago, when a lot of macro technology was being developed. This being said, I want to make sure that you understand that this setup will be a manual setup. However, it will work well with either a film or a digital SLR camera.Modern cameras have been getting smaller, and more automated; however, for macro photography, smaller size, and automation are not necessarily an advantage. There are some really great macro lenses available for modern SLRs from all big vendors. However, their prices are commonly over $500. If you add the cost of artificial lighting, you are looking at paying around a grand. Our goal here is a quality yet low cost alternative, so let’s get to it.The first thing that a good macro setup needs is something which all modern film and digital SLRs lack. What could they all possibly lack? An adjustable distance between the lens, and the film plane, or a digital sensor. Macro is about getting very close to the subject and magnifying it to its original size, or preferably larger. Having the ability to extend the lens away from the camera allows the camera to achieve focus at a much shorter distance, than if the lens was fixed to the camera.So here’s what we need to get the lens broken away from the camera. Many people have heard of, or seen a bellows, which is nothing more than an accordion made out of some type of a synthetic material, painted black, with a lens mount on one end, and a camera mount on the other. The accordion is fixed on its horizontal plane, and the rail to which it is fixed allows it to extend and contract on that fixed plane. This device has the camera attached to it, and allows the end with the lens attached to be moved closer or further away from the camera’s film/digital plane. This makes for an excellent start. The Macro bellows such as this is commonly sold by specialty camera stores, and many stores online. A search on eBay will lend you one for under $100. Look for a bellows with a correct mount for your camera, and an M42 mount on the lens end. I know you are asking yourself right now, why not the correct mount for my lenses? You are more than likely shooting with an automatic film, or a digital SLR, and this will be a manual setup, and your lenses do not allow manual aperture setting. This means that you will not have any depth control, because your lenses will be at their widest opening. Depth of Field is essential in Macro photography. It is a must.At his point we have a bellows but we need a lens. I will discuss getting a good lens in detail in another article, but to summarize, any normal to telephoto lens with an M42 mount will complete this kit. A lens which was designed to be macro is best, but a plain normal 50-80mm lens will work. Just remember, the lens should have aperture control, and manual focus, which will help you precisely adjust your composition, and will let you control depth of field. Older lenses from manufacturers like Carl Zeiss, or Pentax are of excellent mechanical and optical quality, despite their age. Once again, eBay is a good place to pick one up. Do not expect to pay any more than appx. $150.So, for under $300 is it possible to have a better setup than a $500 macro lens. Yes, your results will be better with this setup, than with even the most expensive automatic macro lenses. Give this a try, and stay tuned for more articles on the subject of Macro Photography.

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5 Unique Ways To Find The Best Affiliate Marketing Program

If you’re an affiliate marketer, how do you spot the best affiliate marketing program? More and more businesses are trying to sell their products or services via affiliates. These business have to provide their affiliates with the appropriate tools, resources and rewards so that they will promote their products and not those of a competitor.1. What Will Work For Some, Might Not Work For You.What might be the best affiliate program for one affiliate marketer might not be the best one for you. Only you know the specific audience that you are targeting and only you know the relationship that you have with your prospective customers. Before marketing any product as an affiliate, take time to research the product and the people who are buying it to make certain that the product suits what your audience expect from you.2. What Is The Cookie Duration?A cookie is a small file that is saved on a prospect’s computer that remembers when they clicked on your affiliate link to view the product for sale. The cookie file will normally remain active for about 60 days which means that if the customer buys within that period, you will still receive the commission. Some affiliate marketing programs will keep cookies files active for life and others for less than 60 days.3. When Do You Get Paid?The average time that you will get paid your commissions by affiliate marketing companies will be within 30 days of a sale. Some pay immediately on a sale. Ensure that you check the minimum number of sales or revenue that you must achieve before you get paid your commission and that you are able of meet their requirements. Some affiliate marketing programs can hold onto your commissions for months before paying out.4. Product Range.Does the business have other products that will appeal to the prospective customer? Do they offer up-sells or down-sells in their sales funnel or is it just one product? If they do have other products, do they pay affiliate commission on the sale of those products to the customer you introduced or referred?5. Your Affiliate Support.Don’t forget that you and the business owner are working in partnership. They have created the product and organize the delivery and payment systems and you are marketing it for them. The business owner needs affiliates to sell its products so should offer you support. The best affiliate marketing program will provide items such as marketing materials, email swipes, display banners, sales incentives, instructional videos, reports, eBooks and an affiliate help desk.

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Photography – A World Not Known To Many

The Startup:What is there in taking a photograph? It’s just a click. This is what I heard from many people while I asked them to tell me what they thought about photography. I had a small discussion, a mere question and answer forum, with my colleagues about photography and its related interests. I was stuck by the variations in the answers I got from them.The series of questions I asked them were:1. What is photography?2. What is a photograph?3. Who is a photographer?4. What is a camera?5. What do you see in a photograph?6. What do you feel when you see a photograph?After getting different kinds of answers from them, I wanted to write something about photography from a professional’s point of view. First I will give you a gist of the conversations I had with my colleagues.The Conversation:”Photography is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”- Alfred StieglitzIt started just like this.I went to Hema, a colleague who is interested in learning photography, and asked the first question, “What is photography from your point of view?”. She, without hesitating, said “It’s an expression”. After a pause I asked her what a photograph is and told her to think from the mind and not from the heart. I still don’t understand why I said like that. Then, she suddenly stared at me and said, “It’s just an art or an image of your thought”. Thinking of what could have been a perfect answer from her, I just rushed through the other questions and came to the final one. I asked her “What do you feel while seeing a snapped moment in a picture?”. With a cute little smile peeping out of her lips, she said, “The same expression”. It surprised me since it was the same answer as the first one and it sounded like looping. But I was stunned by the answer for the question, “Who is a photographer?” The answer she said was that “Photographers see something beautiful in every small thing.”This Q&A went on with some of my colleagues and everyone had different points of thoughts. But the answers given by Kannan, who had a scientific bent of mind, filled my eyes with tears of pride. For the question “What is a camera?”, the answer was, “If photographers are physics, then camera is gravity”. After listening to the reply I was quite puzzled, since I am weak in Science. I asked, “Why?”. Scientist (Kannan, I call him like this), with a smile said, “There is no physics without gravity, like that, there is no photography without camera”. The way he compared science and photography was simply astonishing.The Pro’s Thought:”A great photograph is a full expression of what one feels about what is being photographed in the deepest sense and is thereby a true expression of what one feels about life in its entirety.”- Ansel AdamsFor me, photography is a he(art), which shows the naked world in an unusual way. I didn’t start seeing things in a different light after learning photography. Rather, explorations gave me an insight to this beautiful world.My photography career didn’t just start as a whim. It started after seeing a single historical photo, which made me realize what photography is and who photographers are. It’s a photo taken during the Vietnam War, in which a small girl runs nude to escape the explosions. That photo made me cry and think. It didn’t just show the incident, but also narrated the pain, suffering and lot more.Each and every photo has its own emotions. Some may be silent, some happy, some sad and it goes on. It depends on its own creator’s sight.If you ask me the same array of questions I asked my colleagues, I would probably say1. What is Photography?It’s not just a word or a technique. It’s a sentence of natural beauty, a creation of incredible sights and a life of extraordinary scenes.2. What is a Photograph?It’s a view of incredibility, which not everyone can see. It’s an unbelievable world.3. Who is a photographer?In a single word, creationist. God of photographs.4. What is a camera?I would compare a camera with the third eye of Lord Shiva (God portrayed in the Hindu mythology), which is used to see scenes beyond the ordinary. The camera is every photographer’s inner eye.5. What do you see in a photograph?Its beauty and emotions. As a pro, I see its specifications too.6. What do you feel when seeing a photograph?While seeing a photograph, I virtually go to the scene where it was captured, and try to understand the photographer’s feelings and emotions when he/she shot that picture.The Climax:”Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”- Marc RiboudPhotography is not just a profession! It’s an act of your heart. Kushel, my colleague surprisingly said, “Photography is worth knowing (learning)”. All photographs have life in it. Learn to see them with motion and action, with love and care, with fondness and feelings. I see them like how they are depicted in the Harry Potter movies. Those photographs have the live action of the pictured situation, and portray emotions like sadness, anger, happiness, love and more.My colleague, Sai said, “The camera is a Time Machine”. Is it so? Yes, I think it is. A camera can stop time and can lend a hand to hold the moment. It captures every single pixel of your precious moment and saves it. Poets write with a pen, but photographers write through a camera.Ansel Adams once said, “Sometimes I arrive just when God’s ready to have someone click the shutter.” Photographers not just document the world, but also create their own world.We, photographers are the professional observers of this hard-to-believe world. We create a world and live in that beautiful world. We can show anything through a photograph – a write-up, a painting and even a life.

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