Commercial Mortgage Lenders and Commercial Mortgage Brokers, a Partnership

In today’s economic environment its difficult for commercial mortgage lenders to find a good commercial mortgage broker. Given the economic recession and the reduced commercial mortgage activity in the real estate capital markets, commercial mortgage brokers are under pressure to generate commission income and may not be advising their client as objectively as in the go-go days. Furthermore, it is typically taking 3 to 4 times as long to close a transaction as compared to before the recession began. These characteristics of today’s commercial loan market make it important for a borrower to do their homework prior to engaging a broker.Commercial lenders rely on skilled brokers to carefully analyzes the transaction and surveys the capital markets for a mortgage or financing that best meets the client’s needs, and processes and closes the deal. Both commercial mortgage lenders as well as business owners can have a mortgage broker identify which lenders are active in the market, and desired loan product, and negotiate on the lenders and borrowers behalf.It’s important to the capital providers for all their finance brokers they work with to maintain the highest standards of integrity and ethics in their business practices and maintain a steady analytical approach and keen market observation. Experience and relationships in the lending market are important aspects of a solid partnership between commercial loan brokers and lenders. A competent loan broker is well skilled to handle the needs of the real estate borrowers and commercial lenders, and begins by carefully analyzing the client’s needs and the characteristics of each transaction. They underwrites and package a financing request for the lender and confer with the borrower regarding its content and financing request. Strong commercial brokers are often able to structure a creative solution derived from their extensive knowledge of the capital markets. Oftentimes a commercial loan lender is used to structuring a loan in a certain way. A proficient finance broker is able to help both parties arrive at a structure which works best for both the borrower and commercial mortgage lender.Capital providers offer cutting edge terms to skilled brokers with a prove track record of success and assign senior level professionals, oftentimes the decision-maker, to work with the broker because of their large business flow and technical expertise. Some brokers can work quickly and place a transaction within hours if necessary, and can close institutionally priced loans in little as eight business days and ‘hard money’ loans in two days.

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